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A New Year and A New Look

Two years. That’s a very long time. In internet years its like two decades. In twitter years its a couple of lifetimes. A great many things have happened to the world in those two years. Most of it bad. But I’ve got a feeling that 2018 is the year we turn it all around. And to do my part I’m bringing back The Eclectic Eccentric. And I’m not just bringing it back, I’m giving it a facelift. Maybe it was time, maybe I’m excited about Jodi Whittaker becoming the thirteenth version of the Doctor, maybe I got bored while visiting my parents over the holidays. Whatever my motivations, The Eclectic Eccentric has a brand new look and a few surprises in store for you this year.
So lets make a deal dear reader. This is the year that we put in the work. No excuses. Get up, get motivated, and keep at it. Get involved. Don’t just complain about a problem, solve it. If you don’t like the way the world works, change it. If you there is a decent candidate in the race, run. The world sits at a crossroads. This is the year where we either pull ourselves back from the brink or teeter off the edge towards the inevitable end.
But I have faith. In me, in you, in all of us. It’s not too late. Darkness has not so enveloped this world that it has snuffed out the light. So be active, be wise, but mostly be kind. To friends, to strangers, but most of all to yourself. And I’ll be here. Giving you a birds eye view of all the pop-culture, literature, cinema, science, and public policy options this world has to offer.
This is my New Year’s Resolution to you. When you need a break from the battle at hand, whatever it may be, I will be here to get you through the year.

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