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Reference Humor: Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1E6 “Halloween”

Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate I’m bringing you the very first of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween specials. It’s scary at just how many references this show can fit into one episode.
As always bold numbers represent the time at which the reference happened and Spoilers abound for a wide variety of films. Scroll down at your own risk. Okay, let’s get started.

00:25- Charles is dressed as Mario Batali a celebrity chef. (This episode aired before Batali faced multiple accusations of sexual harassment)

00:30- Jake guesses that Charles is dressed as a dumpy Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is an actor and celebrated Martial Arts expert.

00:35 Rosa guesses that Charles is dressed as a dumpy Ron Weasley. Ron Weasley is the name of Harry’s best friend in the Harry Potter series of books and films.

00:41 Terry guesses Miranda from the television show Sex and the City (1998)

1:00 The last thing Charles is called is “Eric Stoltz from Mask” Mask is a 1985 film where Stoltz played Rocky Dennis a young man with a severely deformed face.

1:09 Jake haste to separate two people in Hilary Clinton and Kim Jong Un masks. Hilary Clinton is a former First Lady, and has also served as a Senator from New York and as Secretary of State. Kin Jong Un is the ruler of North Korea.

1:21 Holt guesses that Charles is dressed as Joy Behar. Joy Behar is on of the hosts of the Daytime talk show The View (1997)

3:58- Terry jokes that Rosa reads Maya Angelou poems. Maya Angelou is a legendary American poet and author known for her poignant autobiographical works and her contributions to the civil rights movement.

4:48 Gina mentions that she is using Dina Lohan face lotion. Dina Lohan is the mother of troubled actress Lindsey Lohan and has often been accused of exploiting her children to advance her own fame and lifestyle.

5:12 A woman dressed as Raggedy Ann is drinking vodka from the bottle. Raggedy Ann is a famous children’s doll known for its red hair that was first created and sold in 1915.

7:57- This episode aired in 2013 the same year Prince George was born making the royal baby costumes quite timely and common for that particular Halloween.

17:19 Amy enters Holt’s office in the style of the famous Tom Cruise scene from the film Mission: Impossible (1996).

19:16 Jake’s speech and lousy Scottish accent are a spoof of Mel Gibson’s famous speech towards the end of Braveheart (1995). .

20:00 Rosa is dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, a character first introduced in the film Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

20:05 Scully is dressed as the character Rambo from the Rambo:First Blood(1982) movie Franchise.

I have to admit I thought I remembered there being a few more references in this episode but that’s all right. Like Captain Holt said I am the best detective/genius around so I’m confident I got them all.
But If you think you know a reference I missed feel free to leave it in the comments section.

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