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Reference Humor: Looney Tunes “Bugs Bunny’s Easter Special”

Hey everybody. This Easter season I decided that we should kick it old school and see how folks did pop culture references back before 21st century got all meta on us. So I went to the vault, aka the VHS collection, and dug out this classic Looney Tunes adventure (or rather I should say adventures as this is actually a collection of classic Looney Tunes shorts strung together with an Easter themed framing device.) So let’s get our cartoon on and see what kind of references Bug’s Bunny is apt to make. As always bold numbers represent the time at which the reference happened and Spoilers abound for a wide variety of films. Scroll down at your own risk. Okay, let’s get started.

1:18 “No one likes a roundtable” This is a direct reference to King Arthur and his legendary round table. King Arthur is a mythical English King who’s story was made popular by Sir Thomas Mallory’s text Le Morte d’Arthur (1495). The king also mentions the Black Knight a common foe in Arthurian lore. And the Singing Sword, which was the sword of Prince Valiant a knight of the Round Table and a popular hero of Arthurian Romances.

1:35 The first knight the king addresses is Sir Osis of Liver, or cirrhosis of the liver and serious medical condition where the liver does not function properly because of long-term damage. Sir Osis is drinking wine. Alcohol can often be the cause of liver cirrhosis.

1:39 The next knight is Sir loin of beef or Beef sirloin. Sirloin refers f the specific type of cut of beef. In this case meat from the back of the cow. The knight is seen eating his namesake cut of beef.

7:45 The song “Skip to My Lou” is played. This is now a popular kids song but in the 1820’s it was a lyrical game where the dancer’s followed the singer’s instructions, often swapping dance partners along the way.

17:59 Birds Anonymous meeting. This is a parody of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA, an organization founded in 1935 to help those dealing with alcohol addiction.

28:59 Bugs and Elmer Fudd do an interpretation of The Barber of Seville an opera by Gioachino Rossini that was first performed in 1816. It is based on the first of three plays written by Pierre Beaumarchais that follow the life of his clever hero Figaro.

32:53 Bugs drops Elmer into a cake that says the marriage of Figaro. Marriage of Figaro is the name of the Mozart opera that is based of the second of Pierre Beaumarchais plays about Figaro.

38:42 Daffy Duck as Robin Hood. Robin Hood is a popular figure in English folklore, with poems about his exploits dating back to the 15th century. He robs from the rich to give to the poor and is famous for his archery skills. He is one of the most portrayed figures in the history of film and television.

Well that’s it. Admittedly when I sat down to do this piece I thought an hour long Looney Tunes session would produce more references but I guess not. Still I’m never going to complain about spending a little extra time with Bugs and the gang. Remember If you think I missed a reference please leave a note for me in the comments section. I guess there’s nothing left to say except …… That’s All Folks.

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