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The Eclectic Eccentric’s Guide to Binging Through the Apocalypse: Wonder Woman Arcs

Wonder Woman is one of those characters that often are better in theory than execution. A powerful woman warrior, who fights monsters and misogyny, is a great role model for women (and men) everywhere. But unfortunately, there are far less epic Wonder Woman stories than there should be because she’s been subject to writers who didn’t have a clear idea of what to do with her. But when some one gets the character right, they can really knock it out of the park. Here are ten great Wonder Woman stories for you to check out.

  • A League of One- Technically a Justice League story but this is Wonder Woman at her finest. A prophecy says the Justice League will die fighting a dragon. So, Wonder Woman takes out the entire Justice League and fights the dragon herself.  Like the badass she is.
  • Eyes of The Gorgon– It’s not often any series gets a chance to mix mythic monsters with political intrigue. This arc manages both its action sequences and its more subtle character machinations with aplomb.  
  • Challenge of the Gods- Featuring the modern origin of Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman’s most notable roles and the villain of her next movie wouldn’t you know. Oh and Zeus is being creepy Zeus again and Diana has to deal with the consequences of rejecting the advances of a god.
  • Wonder Woman: Hiketeia– Wonder Woman versus Batman. A clash that doesn’t happen often enough for how absolutely compelling it is. You’re going to thank me for this one.
  • The Twelve Labors– Like her fellow demi-god Hercules, Wonder Woman gets her own set of twelve challenges to prove herself worthy of rejoining the ranks of DC’s heroes. A great jumping-on point as Wonder Woman returns to her roots.
  • The Circle– Another good spot to start at, a soft reboot to the series that sees Wonder Woman taking a job working for the Department of Metahuman affairs.
  • Gods and Mortals- The beginning of George Perez’s iconic run. Updating Diana’s origin for the modern age.
  • Wonder Woman: Rebirth– Unlike a great many Rebirth titles this is not really a fresh start for Wonder Woman, but it does mark a change in tone from adventuring to a more mystery/thriller vibe. This is the most recent run on Wonder Woman and so far it’s going excellently.
  • Blood- This is the first arc of the New 52 relaunch. It gives Diana’s origin story a much-needed overhaul and adds a lot of depth to the Greek gods that make up her supporting cast. A great place to start if you’re looking to get up to date with the more modern takes on Wonder Woman.
  • Paradise Lost– This is actually a collection of stories that are tied together thematically. It also sees her take a tour of the DC universe and interact with some characters we don’t normally see her with, most notably a fantastic story with Lois Lane.