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Worth it?- Cuban Fury

So the last couple of films we looked at in Worth It? were American films that fell rather short in the laughs department and I know no better way to rectify that than to go across the pond to our British brethren. When StudioCanal and Film 4 get together I’m rarely disappointed and when I came across Cuban Fury I just had to check it out. Nick Frost, Chris O’Dowd, Rashida Jones, and Ian McShane together in a movie about competitive Salsa dancing? If that sentence doesn’t get you excited then you’re reading the wrong blog.

And boy did my hopes pay off. This movie is just an absolute delight. Nick Frost plays a childhood champion Salsa dancer who gave it up after a run in with some bullies that he refers to chillingly as “Sequin-Gate”. Now grown-up and working at a mechanical engineering firm, Frost’s life is decidedly dance free. That is until he develops a crush on his new boss (Rashida Jones) who, you guessed it, loves to Salsa.

What follows is a by the book romantic comedy but the emphasis is heavy on the comedy. Chris O’Dowd is always hysterical and is no less so here playing the asshole co-worker competing with Frost for Jones’ affections. And Ian McShane as a grumpy drunk Salsa instructor? Please I’d watch that guy act out the phonebook.

In addition to the headliners I was pleasantly surprised to find Olivia Coleman (Broadchurch) in this cast as well, playing Frost’s little sister and former salsa partner. And Kayvan Novak (FaceJacker, Four Lions) may beat out the rest of a pretty talented group for laughs playing Frost’s effeminate, “still” Fanta swilling Salsa classmate.

While it is true that this movie might resonate with me a bit more than others (having lived in England and being a larger man who loves to Salsa) I think the fact that I was laughing out loud through most of this movie ought to be incentive enough to check it out. This is what a Rom-Com should look like.

Worth it? Most Definitely.

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