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Hello everyone and welcome back to The Eclectic Eccentric. Or perhaps I should say welcome back me after my semi-intended month long hiatus. I say semi-intended because while I had decided to step away and not post during the month of November, the impetus behind that was to build up a queue of posts that would sit in a folder just waiting to be unveiled in order to give you, my faithful reader, a more stable and regular diet of new and informative diatribes. Unfortunately, my plans where undone by a confluence of circumstances both beneficial and detrimental to my writerly endeavors. On the positive side of things, I am very proud to say that I was working on a short story for 13ThirtyBooks latest horror anthology Never Fear- Christmas Terrors (available everywhere now). That my short story “A Time for Reflections” is included in this delightfully terrifying collection is truly an honor and seeing my name appear alongside so many talented authors with impeccable pedigrees is both deeply satisfying and incredibly humbling.

I believe that you can all understand why I prioritized that more time sensitive opportunity over this my non-revenue generating pet project. Unfortunately, the anthology was not my only distraction during my brief sabbatical. It is with great sadness and solemnity that I must inform you that my laptop went thoroughly and inconsolably kaput. Not a life-threatening crisis by any means but for your standard starving neophyte of a writer a disaster on par with the Hindenburg or Titanic.  By the time I had managed to secure a suitable replacement for my beloved workstation two weeks had passed and the familial obligations of Thanksgiving were upon me. In other words, I was cooking a turkey and lacked the time to properly break down the concept of quantitative easing for you all as I had originally intended. It was, however, one helluva turkey.

To summarize: What I had intended to be a prodigiously productive break for this site resulted in rather pedestrian production instead and so I must unfortunately ask you my half dozen or so loyal readers to endure a few more months of sporadic posts at irregular intervals before this site finally becomes the well-oiled machine I intended it to be from the start. So thank you for your continued patience and patronage and, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, feel free to use this newly acquired free time in your schedule to go read (or re-read) some of my other projects such as The Seeker or Never Fear- Christmas Terrors. Both of which you can find links to on the Books and Bio section of this site. Thanks for stopping by!

Read, Write, Dream,

G. R. Linden

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