Hello and welcome to The Eclectic Eccentric, a blog dedicated to the Renaissance Men (and Women) of the world. In this day and age the tendency is to over-specialize, to narrow your focus to such an extent that you become mired in minutia, unable to see the forest through the trees. Depth is important. Focus is important. But there is something to be said for breadth. And here at The Eclectic Eccentric I will make that case. From String Theory to string quartets this site will endeavor to examine the human condition through a wide lens, and in doing so identify patterns and make connections across a myriad of disparate fields.

Like our infinite universe this blog will be ever expanding. It will change and adapt and shift focus as needed; always striving to take a broad approach to the pursuit of knowledge while avoiding the modern sin of click-bait shallowness. In the end it is my hope that if you are an avid reader of this blog you will never find yourself in a conversation where you are unable to at least contribute an interesting question.

To that end the site will be broken into a plethora of sections dealing with different areas of interest. As it first launches The Eclectic Eccentric will begin with five dedicated sections. In Discourse of the Day I will tackle the important issues of the modern world without the distracting presence of rancor and ideology. Putting a heavy emphasis on the issues of education and economics. For the book lovers out there you’ll want to curl up with Literary Liaisons, where you’ll find reviews of old favorites and new hits, along with quirky stories about your favorite authors and general word worship. Film buffs will enjoy the Film Follies section dedicated to the cinephile in us all. Here you will find reviews and analysis that cover a wide range of genres and perspectives. Science! is all about, you guessed it it Science! Great discoveries, mind blowing theories, practical applications; all of these can be found in this section dedicated to the wonderful universe we inhabit. Finally in Geekdom Come I will breakdown all the franchises, tropes, references, and worlds that have seized control of pop culture. The nerds have come and all your posts belong to them. (Although hopefully when the music section starts up they’ll loan us some bass.)

That’s it for now. Over the next few days the blog posts will be coming fast and furious so check back periodically and say hi. Until then remember that normal is weird and cliches are boring. It’s okay to like sports and musical theater. A guy can enjoy the ballet as much as he enjoys a beer and a woman can enjoy shoe shopping as well as particle physics. And there is no reason why women can’t enjoy beer and men can’t like heels. The only way to enjoy life is to experience it. To try it all and see what sticks. Don’t let yourself be pigeonholed or stereotyped. Be Eclectic. Be Eccentric. Be You.