Meet the Author

Hi there! Thanks for clicking on my books and bio page. I’m flattered that you’d like to know a little bit about me and my work.

Well for starters I grew up all around the San Francisco Bay Area but currently (and quite proudly) reside in New Orleans, Louisiana. In between I had some magnificent years experiencing the metropolitan wonder of London, England. My background is in economics but I’ve also taught high school chemistry and been a certified forklift operator in my time. Now I run a blog and write existential novels about fireball wielding wizards from parallel earths. Its been an odd life. But a good one.

Like I said when I’m not running this site I’m writing books. Books are cool. Oh I’ve got a great idea! You should totally buy my books! I mean if you want to. No big if you don’t. I just though if you were here checking out this site, reading my posts, digging my words you might want to check out my other works. But you don’t have to. No worries. Really its cool I get it. You do you dude. Oh you do want to check out? Well then click on that drop down menu and see if anything tickles your fancy.