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Two Weeks Out

We’re two weeks out from election day. Campaigns are now in their final sprint and with so many races out there, it can be hard to decide where to make your final donations of the cycle. To help you out I’ve put together a ranking of where I think your money can do the most good. I’ve listed each candidate’s name and the reasoning for where I positioned them on this list. I hope this helps. You can donate to all of these campaigns here: 1. Jon Ossof (Georgia)- Georgia is the big prize on the map this year…

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Why I won’t be watching the NFL this year

I love the game of football. I’ve played it and I’ve coached it. I’ve spent hours agonizing over fantasy lineups and breaking down the pros and cons of using a zone defense over man coverage. I grew up watching Montana to Rice and saw first hand the good professional sports can do when Drew Brees and Sean Payton gave hope back to my adopted home when it needed it desperately. Maybe most importantly my dad played football too and talking to each other about the game we love is one of the ways we’ve been able to bond over the…

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