Science!, Science! For Parties

Science! For Parties Presents: Fire! For Parties

Hey everybody! Welcome to Science!: For Parties where I show you a neat trick you can pull of at a party then explain the science behind it. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be that guy at the party? This week we start out with something easy. All you’ll need is a candle and a match/lighter. Simply light the candle then blow it out. When it begins to smoke take another lit match or your re-lit lighter and insert it in the smoke as if you were trying to light it. The flame will jump from the smoke…

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Science!, We Can Do That Now!

We Can Do That Now!- Force Fields

“Shields Up!” It’s a familiar refrain for science-fiction aficionados. From Star Trek to Dune to Independence Day invisible shields of energy that protect ships, buildings, or individuals from attack have been a staple of Geekdom from its very inception. But now this science fiction is headed quickly towards becoming science fact. I explain how in this the inaugural edition of We Can Do That Now! Work on real-life force fields is nothing new. After all more than one generation of scientists has grown up having to choose a side in the never-ending battle between the Force and the Federation. However…

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Robots Don't Wear Belts, Science!

Robots Don’t Wear Belts- CES Review

The world famous Consumer Electronic Show took place in Las Vegas this past weekend and what a better way to start my monthly look at tech series off than with a look at some of the very cool things showcased at this years event. In keeping with my always sunny disposition lets start with one of the winners of a CES Innovation Award the Raybot. Created by ECOVACS Robotics, Raybot is a water-free robot designed for the automated cleaning of  solar panels. It uses a blow-sweep-vacuum system to get rid of dust and debris and keep your solar panels operating…

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Mind Blown, Science!

Mind Blown- Infinite Worlds Theory

Somewhere out there machete wielding Dinosaurs are oppressing the human race and you are the last great rebel hope to led an insurrection against their brutal regime and finally overthrow the egg laying bastards. Also somewhere out there you write steamy romance novels and wear only jeans that have been properly bedazzled. Thus is the beauty of Infinite Worlds Theory, according to which everything that could happen, has happened. Maybe just not to you. Infinite Worlds Theory, or as it is more properly called by cosmologists and theoretical physicists the Many Worlds Interpretation, states that there are an infinite number…

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