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Science! For Parties-The Magic Comb

Sometimes when you’re at a party you just end up chilling in the kitchen. And what’s wrong with that? It’s close to the food and the drinks. It’s the perfect spot really. And since you are one of the cool kids, I know you’ll have your handy dandy black comb in your back pocket to make sure that your ‘do stays cool like you. But if you’re looking to be extra cool, we can do that too. Because in this edition of Science! For Parties, you’re going to learn how to work some magic with that comb.
This is another one of our super easy tricks. Simply run the comb through your hair a few times then take the comb and hold it next to a small, steady stream of running water (like from a kitchen faucet) As the comb approaches the stream, the water will bend towards the comb.
Why does this work? Well, water molecules are polar molecules meaning they have an uneven distribution of electrons. This results in the oxygen atom having a partial negative charge and the hydrogen atoms having a partial positive charge. When you rub the comb through your hair the friction creates a static charge in the comb. When the comb approaches the water that residual electric charge in the comb attracts its opposite charge in the water molecules, pulling the water towards it.
The result is that your comb bends the water without touching it. It’s up to you whether or not you want to explain the science or if you just want to leave the party with everyone thinking your comb is magic. Either way, people are sure to think that you are one cool cat. Until next time Science! nerds.

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