Discourse of the Day, The Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet- My Approach to Education

Yesterday I spent a pleasant morning guest lecturing on a wide range of topics for a few high school classes taught by some friends of mine. For me it was a particularly enjoyable experience as a result of having not been in front of a classroom for quite a while. There are few experiences as satisfying in life as the look in a student’s eyes when a concept finally clicks for them. Anybody who has ever been a teacher knows that look and no matter how much you may enjoy whatever it is you moved on from teaching to pursue, you…

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Discourse of the Day, Meanwhile in Countries not called America

Meanwhile in Countries not Called America- Greece needs a President

This morning the Greek Parliament failed to elect a new president in the final stage of a three stage vote. The Government Coalition’s Candidate Stavros Dimas fell twelve votes shy of the required one hundred and eighty votes. That’s the story. So what does it mean? Well the most immediate consequence is the dissolution of the Greek Parliament and a snap election to form a new government. Multiple news outlets are reporting that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras intends to schedule the elections for January 25th. The opposition party Syriza is leading in the polls and in all likelihood will gain seats…

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