Film, The Eclectic Eccentric’s guide to binging through the Apocalypse

The Eclectic Eccentric’s guide to binging through the Apocalypse- Dark Fantasy Films

Dark Fantasy doesn’t have a strict definition, it’s one of those know it when you see it genres. But I think you’ll agree with me that these ten films qualify. And they are perfect for late-night viewing when you don’t want to go full horror.  

  • Pan’s Labyrinth– a modern fairytale but not the polished Disney kind, the old school Brother’s Grimm kind. Absolutely mesmerizing.
  • Coraline– Based on the Novella from Neil Gaiman. This story follows a girl who finds a doorway to a parallel world that is seemingly far better than her own. As is typically the case, this assessment proves incorrect. Imaginative and dark without being too dark for the kids.
  • Heavy Metal– It’s just one of those films you have to see to understand. But know that there is a lot of blood, gore, and sex in this one.
  • Legend- The number of nightmares this movie has given kids over the years has got to be in the millions by now. Ridley Scott directs a young Tom Cruise and Tim Curry is the Lord of Darkness. You know you wanna.
  • The City of Lost Children– I don’t know of a more horrifying concept than a mad scientist kidnapping children to steal their dreams. Disturbing and unsettling while being engrossing and wonderous.
  • The Crow- This is film is infamous for the death of its lead, Brandon Lee, during filming after a blank bullet misfired. The story of that tragedy has taken on a life of its own but shouldn’t overshadow how impressive this film is on its own.
  • Hellboy– The new reboot sucked, but the first two Hellboy films from Guillermo Del Toro were almost perfect. The visuals alone are worth the watch.
  • The Seventh Seal– An all-time masterpiece from Ingmar Bergman. Max von Sydow is a knight who plays chess with death while returning home from the crusades.
  • Dragonslayer- A tale as old as time about a young wizard on a quest to slay a savage dragon. Darker than you’d expect from a Disney film. A cult classic, worthy of a watch.
  • A Monster Calls– The cast is amazing, and this film has that “coming-of-age”, “dark fairytale” vibe going for it. This film may make you cry, it may give you nightmares. It may do both.